88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund

The KCME 88.7 FM Endowment Fund is comprised of permanent assets (money, securities, property, life insurance, etc.), donated by individuals and charitable foundations who love, believe in, and want to bequeath a lasting legacy to KCME 88.7 FM; the assets in the endowment fund are invested to earn income.

For a non-profit organization such as KCME 88.7 FM, an endowment fund serves as both a savings account and an income stream. Donors know that their gifts to The 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund will have an enduring impact on KCME's ability to remain one of this area's preeminent cultural resources far into the future. Additionally, a significant donation to the 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund serves as a tax-wise tool that could yield significant immediate and long term benefits for the donor.

A not-for-profit, such as 88.7 KCME-FM, needs a growing endowment fund to provide a hedge against economic downturns and to ensure a cushion of support that serves as a bridge between donor-generated contributions and the ongoing yearly operating expenses that may be in excess of total contributions. An endowment fund provides funds for unexpected expenses and contingencies, and most importantly, the income from its endowment fund helps KCME 88.7 FM expand and improve its broadcasting service capabilities to audiences who have a great desire to hear fine music.

The 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund has been established through, and is managed by The Pikes Peak Community Foundation. Believing in an investment philosophy that finds the correct balance of maximizing the highest investment return consistent with preservation of the capital in the corpus of the Endowment, the staff at the Community Foundation stands ready to help interested donors by answering questions about the 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund and the tax advantages of making a contribution. If you would like to learn more about how you can help ensure 88.7 KCME-FM's musical mission for years to come, please call Michael Hannigan at the Pikes Peak Community Foundation office at (719) 389-1251.

If you have questions about 88.7 KCME-FM and the KCME Endowment Fund, please call the KCME Director of Development at (719) 578-5263.

Your donation to the 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund is a gift that lives forever. You are helping to assure that future generations will be able to learn about and hear music that has endured the test of time and withstood the vagaries of changing popular tastes.Your gift to the 88.7 KCME-FM Endowment Fund will serve as a perpetual affirmation of your belief in the value of classical music in the world of today and well into the future. Can you think of anything more worthy of preserving?

You may make your donation to the KCME Endowment Fund online.