Thank You Gifts

Thank You for helping to sustain KCME and the high quality all-classical music that you love. To show our thanks for your generous contribution, 88.7 KCME-FM is offering the premiums outlined by donation level below.

FMV = Fair Market Value (this is the amount of your donation that is not tax deductible)

Reminder: Except for Gift Certificates, please include $5 fee for Shipping and Handing if you would like your gift mailed. You are also welcome to pick up thank you gifts in person at the station.

Sustainer trio

KCME tote, KCME Baseball Cap, and KCME stainless steel Water Bottle.

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KCME Tote Bag

When they ask, "Paper or plastic?" just say, "No, thanks! I have my KCME canvas tote!" Made from 35% recycled material, this tote-bag is hand washable and can be folded flat for easy storage.

Baseball Cap

Red lettering on white cap

KCME T-Shirt

Custom-designed KCME t-shirt!

KCME Water Bottle


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Bernstein Favorites - Orchestral Dances

Leonard Bernstein conducts this fabulous CD of upbeat dance tunes and waltzes that will leave you happier than when you began listening to it.

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Ultimate Tchaikovsky: The Essential Masterpieces

This 5 CD set of Tchaikovsky essentials includes the breathtaking virtuosity of the concertos for piano and violin; the grand sweeping symphonies; the elegant beauty of the great ballets; and more!

Ultimate Beethoven: The Essential Masterpieces

Classic performances of the essential masterpieces.

Ultimate Vivaldi: The Essential Masterpieces

Enjoy hours of Vivaldi's music--including the Four Seasons, Concerto for 3 Violins, Oboe Concerto in F Major; Bassoon Concerto in A Minor; Flute Concerto in C Minor; Concerto in F for 2 Oboes, Bassoon, 2 Horns and Violin; Cello Concertos, and more!

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Ultimate Classical Spectacular and KCME Water Bottle

This 5-CD collection of thunderous classical music favorites and KCME water bottle set will fit perfectly into any occasion when you want to feel good and stay hydrated.

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Sponsor a Day of Classical Music on KCME

Hear your personalized message read on-air four times throughout the day you sponsor to celebrate a special occasion, honor the memory of a loved one, or simply express your love for classical music (for individuals only, no business or event promotions, on-air copy must follow FCC and KCME guidelines), and all four of our Ultimate box sets as a bonus!

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KCME Bach To School Program

Bach to School Program

KCME will donate the complete works of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, or Haydn to a participating school.

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