Volunteering for KCME is one of my top “fun” priorities of all my volunteer activities. I’ve been participating for about five years in every fund drive they’ve held. I enjoy doing them because I get to visit with some fascinating and interesting people when I answer the phone or those that just come into the station to pledge or pick up their premiums. Many of the other volunteers have also been involved for a long time and it’s great to be able to swap humorous stories when the phones are quiet. But the best part of all is getting to sample food from the many great restaurants that support KCME!” – Dale, loyal KCME Volunteer


A non-profit organization relies strongly on its volunteers to sustain itself, and KCME is no exception. Over the years, volunteers have helped KCME in many ways, most notably taking pledges during on-air membership drives, manning KCME tables at events and concerts, and preparing mailings. KCME  has been fortunate indeed, in that its volunteers perform their tasks exceptionally well.

Plans are underway to organize a new group of KCME volunteers who will be willing to undertake many projects. As with any group of volunteers, fundraising activities form a very important facet of their activities. Volunteers who raise funds for their non-profit organization generate much-needed funding for unexpected and non-budgeted expenditures.

Would you consider dedicating a regular number of hours a week to helping KCME? If so, contact us at 719-578-5263 or e mail us at membership@kcme.org.

You will be gratefully welcomed, and very much appreciated.

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