Fred Kormos-On Air Host

Fred Kormos, Sunday afternoon host, has been with 88.7 KCME-FM since early in 1991, his previous radio experience being with a commercial AM station in the late sixties.Fred is a first-generation American; his father is Hungarian and his mother Italian. As a child, he lived in a number of places including Maine, Massachusetts, Italy, France, Delaware, and Rhode Island. He was drafted in the early 70s and, rather than be conscripted into the army, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. His military career took him to California, Italy, Washington DC, West Germany and finally to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Happily for 88.7 KCME-FM, he and his wife decided to settle in Colorado Springs when he retired from the Air Force.

Fred and his lovely wife Kathy, have been married more than twenty-five years and share their home with two very loveable cats.

“The brains in the family went to my brother and my father, both of whom are engineers,” says Fred, “and the musical talent went to my mother, who had a beautiful singing voice.” Fred might not be musically talented, but he developed an enormous love of music at an early age from listening to his parents’ recordings of Arturo Toscanini. “Also, I had a very kind and generous aunt and uncle living in New York City who afforded me many opportunities to hear live concerts there.”