Special Programming

Classical KCME brings you special programming throughout the year. Please check back often for updates.

Performance Spotlight

Weekdays at 10am with a repeat at 4pm

Performance spotlight is a 3 minute interview with local organizations chatting about anything and everything in the performing arts world. You can get the full interviews here.


Concerts from Grace

Join Simon Jacobs for an 8-week series, Saturdays at 5:00pm.

Classics for Kids

At KCME, we are delighted to showcase Classics For Kids every Sunday at 6:00PM.

Classics for Kids is designed to introduce children to classical music. According to the Classics for Kids creators, “Music not only has the power to stimulate the mind, enrich the heart and soothe the soul; it can help children to think more creatively, develop craftsmanship and discipline and learn the value of excellence.”

Check back here each month to learn more about the Classics for Kids “Composer of the Month.” More information, music, resources, and games can be found on the Classics for Kids website.

Composer of the Month-

This month, Classics for Kids is departing from its typical format of one composer a month and is spending September celebrating Spanish and Latin American Composers. Classics for Kids has 5 New Amazing Shows for you to check out this month! You can hear all the shows again on the Classics for Kids website in case you missed any!
  1. Classical Music in Spain- Learn how guitarra came to Spain!
  2. The Spanish Sound- Learn about musical nationalism and how composers defined the “Spanish sound”
  3. Mexican Composers- Learn how the music of Mexico changed due to various cultural influences.
  4. More Latin American Composers- Learn how composers blended European forms with the sounds of the native people to create their own unique folk music.
  5. Music Based on Hispanic Dance Forms- Learn more about the jota, fandango, seguidilla, and tango!
Check out some great activities linked here!
Sneak Peak: October’s Composer of the Month – Edvard Grieg


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