Business Membership


A GREAT WAY TO BECOME INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND REACH KCME’S HIGHLY ENGAGED AUDIENCE! Public Radio listeners are 80% more likely to support a business or use a service they hear about on their favorite public radio station! Become a KCME Business Member right now and promote your business “on-air”! Your donation helps keep classical music a strong presence in our community!


Business membership includes on-air exposure structured in the following fashion:

  • The name of your business and city in which it operates will be acknowledged on the air one to two times each week for one-year along with other business members.
  • If you become a Business Member during a Fund Drive, your business will receive on-air acknowledgement on KCME during the Membership Drive in which you join. If you become a Business Member at any other time, your business name will be read on-air during the next Membership Drive.
  • A description of your business or services–written by you–will remain active on for one year, along with your business name, address, phone, email, and a link to your website.